pay for a research paper com – The courts free of politics”, “Doctors are not miracle workers”, “Ziobro = zero justice” – such slogans were visible among on the banners.

The state parliament will probably opozycji.Bawarski parliament has 22 days to constitute themselves, and then a week on the choice of prime minister. This will certainly be a hot time in German politics, especially at that time – October 28 – will be regional elections in Hesse. Possible weaker CSU and SPD will be another sign of falling support for the government in Berlin and political science only fuel the debate about the “twilight mass party” and new lines of political division in Germany. Given the polls, the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats are stuck with each other – new elections would mean political death for them and a significant refurbishment of the German scene politycznej.Mogloby cause the end of the rule of Merkel. Commentators with undisguised awe note that among active politicians do not see a successor “Mutti” and its departure from the policy could cause instability and “the great interregnum.” Chancellor for years remained polestar of German policy; the consequences of a possible end of her reign anxiously watch the whole will Europa.Dzieki actual jednowladztwu CSU Bavaria for years remained an oasis of political stability; after the election, this has changed.

Exceptionally strong position Christian Democrats weakened, but it is a European giant with close connections with the great Bavarian CSU koncernami.Przed difficult choices regarding possible adjustments to policy direction and marketing of the party. And as shown by the vote Sunday, t Read more